Three handmade pie generations with traditional flavors and taste and quality without a prescription since 1974.

Since small child I remember my grandmother, Elizabeth Tamoutseli, prepare fresh butter, beating the trompolitsa curdled milk for hours … The result, a fragrant butter and sour milk … a divine! Heavenly taste and aroma …!

The “opening” of the leaves was with art and mastery! And of course, finish the ruffles … … closing cartilage … Amazing !!

Thus, this art passed to daughters and then to us, his granddaughters. Keeping what he taught us, we feel close to us and every time we produce a part of our short history.

Today, the flavors are too many. The prevailing crisis in the palate of connoisseurs are: cheese, cream, leek, Florina peppers, mushroom, metsovo, onion, nettle, four cheeses, etc.

The raw materials we use, our own production and materials of the mountain, such as nettle, the blites, the Swiss chard and whatever else we can get directly from nature. Our flour is selected with authenticity, without additives and preservatives.





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